How to Grow Taller After Puberty

Height growth pills can make you taller at any age.
However, most vendors that sell them will claim that all you have to do is take their pills in order to grow taller.
Yes, by taking these supplements alone, it is actually possible for you to become taller, but the results that these vendors promise are usually exaggerated.
In reality, results will also vary for different individuals, because there are many other factors that contribute to your ability to grow taller.
In other words, you should thinking about height growth pills as bodybuilding supplements.
Protein supplements can help you put on additional muscle mass, but only if you already have a proper diet and workout routine in place.

But you may be wondering: If your bones have stopped growing, how can it possibly make you taller?
By lengthening a part of your body that can still grow in length: your spine. Your spine contains 23 different cartilages in between each bone. Even if all of your bones have stopped growing, each and every cartilage in your spine can still grow slightly.

So if all you do is lengthen each cartilage by just 0.05 inches, you would grow 0.05 inches x 23 which equals 1.15 inches in total.

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Complimentary Supplements for Height Growth

The following pills could be the complimentary supplements.
By consuming them with supplement above, not only will you increase your height even further, but improve your bone strength and health as well.

Jarrow Formulas Ultra Bone-Up 240 Tabs

Ultra Bone-Up increases bone density by promoting proper deposition of Calcium into the bones, and building up the composition of the bone matrix.
Maintaining sufficient bone density levels is critical as you get taller; it allows your bones to be able to withstand the increase in their length.

Keeping high bone density levels also help to reduce the risk of developing Osteoporosis as you age ].
Another benefit of taking Ultra Bone-Up on a regular basis is enhanced cardiovascular and arterial health, which can further optimize the building of your bones, since blood flow to your bone cells (and every other cell in your body for that matter) will be increased.
Ultra Bone-Up is free of gluten, wheat, and dairy.

Main Ingredients: Calcium, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2, Potassium, Copper, Zinc, Magnesium, Manganese, Boron


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L-Arginine is an amino acid that your body uses to secrete HGH.
It is an essential amino acid, meaning that your body does NOT produce it on its own, and thus, acquires it from foods.
By increasing your L-Arginine intake, you will not only raise the HGH in your body, but your Nitric Oxide productions as well.
Increased levels of Nitric Oxide improves your blood circulation, which boosts energy and strengthens your immune system.

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Listed below are a few exercises known to have a positive effect on height increase

Vertical Hanging
This is a very easy and effective stretching exercise and you can do it from the comfort of your home. To perform this, you need solid bar capable of holding a person. Fix it at a height keeping in mind that the distance between the floor and your feet should be a gap of 5-6 inches. Start hanging on the bar and try to remain hanging on it as long as you can. Holding the bar swing back and forth and also try to touch the floor. This will make the spine flexible and lengthen it making you grow tall.
Cobra Stretch
This is a yoga practice in which you stretch your spine making it lithe and limber. This allows the cartilage between the vertebrae to grow thus helping the body to grow in height. You need to do this for 3 to 4 times regularly.

Pilates Roll Over
This exercise helps in stretching your spine and enlarging your upper body in length. With this, you can also elongate the vertebrae of your neck. In order to perform this exercise, you need to lie on your back spreading your arms alongside with palms down. Joining your legs together you need to expand them straight up and then bend them so that they can touch the floor. Initially, you will find it difficult to perform this exercise but with regular practice, you can bring perfection.
Ankle Weights
It is considered as one of the best exercises for increasing height. It helps in increasing the height of the lower body. You can perform it by stretching the cartilage between knees. This will help in the increase of cartilage and mass, which in turn will help the lower body to grow. You can add weight to the ankle using ankle fastener. Starting with lighter weights you can increase the weight gradually. The weight in the ankle will make your legs stretch down aiding to the height growth.



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